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Whether you have no idea yet of the wedding of your dreams or you are already well into the preparations, you want small wedding or have all your friends and family, in summer or in winter, we can help you. We adapt to each project and offer personalized support according to your needs and desires. Don't hesitate to tell us about your project, even with the craziest ideas. It is with great pleasure that we will discuss with you in order to offer you a tailor-made offer.

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   A wedding that looks like you    

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MC2 Mon Amour Haute-Savoie, wedding planner abroad

You are planning to get a destination wedding and you are hesitating between:
• Hire a Wedding planner specializing in the organization of weddings abroad? (Cuckoo !)
• Or plan and organize it yourself?

Deep down, you know that hiring an agency specializing in wedding planning is THE key to helping you organize your perfect wedding abroad.

To organize your union abroad, the most important thing is to know and complete all the formalities necessary for the validity of your marriage in France . And at MC2 Mon Amour Haute-Savoie, we support you both logistically and legally.

So no more stress! Take advantage of our expertise to understand all the legal aspects about which you have doubts for your legal marriage abroad.

We support you throughout the preparation and organization of your wedding, from the search for service providers to the coordination of the D-Day.


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Organize a stress-free wedding abroad

Destination wedding planner

You would like to get married as a couple without guests. We organize for you this unique and intimate moment to celebrate your union, we find the perfect place and bring together the ideal team to make this moment unforgettable. ⁠

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